Travel & Touring

For Travel Within Michigan…

I accommodate most suburbs within the Metro Detroit area, including but not limited to Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Troy, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Sterling Heights, Macomb, The Grosse Pointes, Farmington, Franklin, West Bloomfield, Commerce, Waterford, Lake Orion, Clarkston, White Lake, Milford, Novi, Northville, Livonia, and Romulus (airport). For Ann Arbor, I require a minimum of 90-minutes compensation.

For Travel/Touring Outside of Michigan…

My touring rates are for when I travel outside of my home-based state of Michigan. Additionally, there are travel fees for all outcalls (out of state), so please inquire.


If we have never met before my preferred appointment length is 90 minutes. This allows us to get to know each other properly, unwind from daily stress, and take a relaxed approach to our time together.

Companionship (Metro Detroit)
1 Hour $400
1.5 Hours $600
2 Hours $800
3 Hours $1,100
4 Hours
2.5 hrs indoor &
2 hrs outdoor
8 Hours $2,500
Companionship (Touring)
1 Hour $500
1.5 Hours $650
2 Hours $900
3 Hours $1,100
4 Hours
2 hrs indoor &
2 hrs outdoor
8 Hours $2,500

ready to rendezvous?

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Incall is available in Royal Oak. I am available most days, outcall Is available anytime.


To reserve more than 3 hours, I ask for a 50% deposit to be sent at the time the booking is made. Thank you for understanding!

—There is a travel fee for all outcalls, please inquire.

—Please understand that the time shall be paid for at the beginning of our meeting.

—I accept traditional payment in an unsealed white envelope.

—All compensation is as-is and non-negotiable. Asking me to negotiate my compensation is tacky and rude. Don’t ask!

—”Booked” means that I have checked your screening info and we have agreed upon a day and time. Once we’re confirmed, you’ll receive my day-of instructions…. which will specify which rate applies to our date.


Cancellation Policy

—In the event that you need to cancel our date, please give me as much notice as possible.

—Any confirmed booking canceled within 48 hours of our scheduled date will require a fee of 50% of the rate booked.

—​If you do not keep our date (No Call/No-Show), fail to confirm on the day of, cancel our date or reduce the amount of our time on the day of, I require the FULL FEE for your originally scheduled time.

—Cancellation Fees are due within 72 hours and accepted via gift cards; no credit cards or bank transfers.
This fee is not counted as credit toward any future engagements.

Thank you for understanding; I hope I won’t ever need to enforce this policy! xoxoxoxo


Just like you, I have expectations for our time together. Before the point of contact, a meeting is integral for both of us. I have listed some of my expectations and suggestions for your consideration:

—Please respect my time just like I will respect yours. I have a schedule to follow, as I’m sure you do too.

—I love when a man looks good and smells good. Please be properly groomed for our engagement – freshly showered, fresh breath, nice scent, and being properly trimmed up are very favorable. Wearing deodorant is absolutely necessary!

—If you are “new to this”, “have never done this sort of thing”, or are “unfamiliar with how this works”, then feel free to divulge this information to me. I am not here to judge, but rather to guide. I can make some recommendations for you.

—I do take wardrobe requests. If there is a particular type of apparel you have in mind, please ask me and I might be able to accommodate you.



For serious and select gentlemen contact me for a rendezvous. I’m available afternoons, evenings, and weekends. I’m available some mornings, some holidays and some specific events. Same-day appointments may not always be available – only some last-minute requests are honored. I’m delighted to accept new clients and those actively searching for a rendezvous.

Thank you so much for your interest, I look forward to meeting you!

Ready to rendezvous?

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  • When contacting me, please be considerate and TELL ME YOUR NAME AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF – a little introduction, without overdoing it, goes a long way. Plus, it’s polite! I’d really appreciate knowing who is contacting me and who I’m chatting with. (It’s baffling how many people do not do this.)
  • Please refrain from the constant back and forth calls, texts, and emails. It’s unnecessary. You should be able to fit all of your inquiries to me into a few emails or texts. It’s unnecessary to exchange 30 messages before meeting.
  • For those with international phone numbers, it is best to email me; if you must call or text, please leave me the exact phone number to call or text you at, including the country code.
  • I return all calls with voicemails, texts, and emails in a prompt and professional manner, usually within an hour or two. However, if I did not get back to you, there is a good reason for it. So, please contact me again just incase i did not get it.
  • After I reply in a timely fashion to your inquiry or request for my companionship, please then reply to me in a timely fashion. Non-replies or very delayed replies are not only annoying and inefficient but totally unnecessary, especially when you initiated the message by requesting my time and I was courteous enough to reply to you to move forward. If you cannot or are unwilling to reply to my reply within a 48-hour time frame, we are probably not a good match for each other. Exceptions on this time frame are at my discretion.
  • If I see that we are not getting anywhere after your initial contact to me, (this usually happens via text or email) because of games like beating around the bush. I have no reason to continue conversing with you and will cut off all contact.
  • Blocked/restricted phone numbers will always go unanswered.
  • I prefer to make things easy on myself; I ask that prospective clients do the same with me. This is a simple process – how you choose to proceed will determine whether we are a good fit for each other.